Welcome to the City of Santa Fe Arts & Culture Department's GO Smart system.

Our Refreshed Cultural Investment Funding Program will be available on November 12, 2020 and will be notified through both GoSmart and Constant Contact eblast lists, our FaceBook page and advertised through the City's Chief Procurement Office. 

Culture embodies the shared complex and diverse heritage of a community, including its tangible and intangible virtues…It is the quiet and restless imagination that becomes expression, from which emanates writing, song, performance, painting, sculpture, cuisine, dance, design and story. When recognized, coalesced and leveraged, culture is transformative. It ignites creativity, consciousness and capacity.”                                                                                   Culture Connects Roadmap

It's a Whole New World

Novel coronavirus has changed everything.  We can no longer casually gather to perform or enjoy live cultural programming and the majority of our human interactions have moved online.  As a result of the pandemic, we have had to pause and retool,, resulting in experimentation, innovation and no small degree of sacrifice. It is vital for us all to re-imagine a true “City Different” – a city that celebrates the role of culture in tourism and the wider economy.  In that context, this disruption of our “typical” approaches to arts and cultural administration has created opportunity for change.

What Now?

When dire circumstances present themselves, cultural institutions are often required to pivot.  As leaders, we are not only rethinking how we continue to keep working, but also; What can we do without? How can we do more with less?  What are our most important resources?  How do we try something “else”?

Our conclusion?  We have identified two factors essential for the preservation of our valuable cultural assets:

  1. Our collective creativity/resourcefulness.

  2. Our access to a broad and varied pool of creative resources that exist right here among our peers and colleagues. 

The City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department is pleased to introduce our revamped Cultural Investment Funding Program.  Throughout this pandemic we have studied national responses and listened to our constituents/peers to help us address the role culture plays in tourism and the continued survival of Santa Fe’s creative economy.

To apply, you must be registered with GoSmart to create an account and access the application. If you have any questions, please contact Pauline Kanako Kamiyama, 505.955.6653 or Erminia Tapia at 505.955.6707.

NOTE: the City has adopted the State's Procurement Code which mandates that all questions must be submitted in writing and compiled for all applicants/"offerers" to view. There is a cut off date of questions you can ask of our staff and we will be unable to assist you with any questions after that cut off date including GoSmart application uploading issues. You are encouraged to upload your materials in advance of the cut off date so staff may address issues you may encounter with GoSmart.